Sunday, 25 May 2014


Yayy! Lion  king fan art! I'm going to post it soon- but sooner if someone comments!

The lion king- book- the cave monster

This is a book by golden books about the lion king, titled the lion king- the cave monster. Here are pics, will post more info if anyone's interested!
The book is a bit worn but is in overall good condition, considering I got is for less than $2 at a second hand store.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Disney land paris nala plush

This is a Disney land Paris Nala plush- from what I know, she is quite rare- if you want more info, please comment!!!


Friday, 16 May 2014

Lion king Broadway simba plush.

I have not gone to the Broadway musical yet, it is coming to Melbourne next year, but here is a 'Simba' plush from the musical.

and here is a close up of one of the tags-
(that's simbas arm)

Plastic mcdonalds simba toy

This is a simba, but It looks like a lioness. it used to windup and 'pounce' but it doesn't anymore. it has a little paint loss.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Mini simba figure/ cake topper

This is a very small plastic Simba cake topper, I found at a second-hand store. He does have a bit of chipping of paint, but otherwise he is in okay shape. Here are the pictures!

Size of Simba compared to my cats paws-
please comment!

The Lion King, book- No Worries - A new story about simba

This is a little golden book- No worries, a new story about Simba. It was printed 1995. I don't know a lot about this book, but it is quite rare.

here are the pictures, the are not very good, I will take more pictures if I get a chance-

Thanks for looking, please comment!!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Lion king- morning at pride rock book

This is a lion king book titled 'The Lion King Morning at Pride Rock'. It is a very short children's book I had as a child, so it is quite worn. It has 6 pages, if you include front and back cover and pages, 2 pages is one page- it has one picture spread  between the two.
The company is 'Reed for Kids'.

Here are the pictures-


The simple truth is, not many people know about Kopa. Who is he?  He is Simba's son. Kiara is Simbas daughter. Kopa, is a male cub. this info is NOT made up, it real, according to official Disney books- which I have four of the six that are in the set. they are extremely rare and are very hard to find.

If anyone wants to know more- which I know- please comment on this blog! 

Promotional simba plush

This is a samba plush that was a promotional item- By Buena Vista home entertainment- so says his tag. He does not have a hang tag- I don't know if he even came with one- buy he has his tush tag. I bought him off eBay in a bundle, so I'm not sure what he is worth. He measures, from front paw to bottom, not including tail, about 6 inches- about 15cm.
Here are the pictures-
thanks for looking- please comment!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


I do NOT own this plush- but I am looking to but her! I did not take this pic, the pic is not mine... if anyone has this any would be willing to sell it to me, please contact me on thanks!

Disney store sitting young simba

This is a young Simba from the Disney store- but I bought him off eBay. He has his tush tag but no hang tag, And measures about 5 and a half inches tall, from bottom to top of head- that's about 14cm.
his eyes and pink nose a really cute!

here are the pictures-

thanks for looking! please comment- Im not selling this Simba, but I am looking to but new lion king toys, ect.

Mini baby simba plush

This is a mini baby Simba plush,  that I got for free at a second hand store! I don't know much about him- I have seen bigger versions on eBay, but haven't come across one the same. He looks to me like he used to be a keychain- he has a mini 'tuft' of fluff at the top of his head. From the top of his head to his bottom, he measures about 3 and a half inches- 9 cm. his tail his 5 cm long, almost 2 inches. He is very well made and I love his eyes, and his paws. He is slightly worn but still in good condition, his tush tag has been cut off (that's the tag which says where its made, etc.- not the paper hand tag, he doesn't have that either)-

Here are the pictures!-

Thanks for looking! I'm looking to buy new lion king stuff- contact me-
this is NOT for sale

Did you know......

Did you know that Kovu is NOT related to Scar? He is not his son, but he was chosen by scar to be the leader after Scar.  Kovu's father is unknown, but his mother was Zira.

Did you know?

It took approximately three years to animate the two-and-a-half-minute wildebeest stampede scene...

Did you know...

Did you know that The Lion King was originally, in the early script, going to be called 'King og the jungle'. I guess they realised that lions don't live in jungles...

Lion king Simba and Nala plush toys- from a claw machine?

These Simba's and Nala are, from what I can gather, from a claw machine. I did not win them myself- I bought the ones with tags I bought from a second hand market, for, from what I remember- $3 each. The tags are very crinkled though, but they are still okay.

This is the Simba without the tag-

This is a picture
 both of the Simba's
And this is the Simba with the tag.
And this is the Nala with the tag-
Thank you for looking! Note: these are NOT for sale, but I am looking to buy new lion king things!

First post-

this blog is about my lion king collection, facts about the lion king- to summarise- its about the lion king!
The lion king is my favourite movie, and the lion king 2. the lion king is made by Disney, not me..

okay! now, I will start posting!