Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mini baby simba plush

This is a mini baby Simba plush,  that I got for free at a second hand store! I don't know much about him- I have seen bigger versions on eBay, but haven't come across one the same. He looks to me like he used to be a keychain- he has a mini 'tuft' of fluff at the top of his head. From the top of his head to his bottom, he measures about 3 and a half inches- 9 cm. his tail his 5 cm long, almost 2 inches. He is very well made and I love his eyes, and his paws. He is slightly worn but still in good condition, his tush tag has been cut off (that's the tag which says where its made, etc.- not the paper hand tag, he doesn't have that either)-

Here are the pictures!-

Thanks for looking! I'm looking to buy new lion king stuff- contact me- leoandwolf@gandalf.net.au
this is NOT for sale

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